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Wood Panels

The Nordic style is characterized by the use of wood and organic products. Therefore, acoustic panels with genuine wood veneer are a natural part of the Fjordwall range.

The texture of the wood and its warm colors invite tranquility and relaxation, providing a sense of warmth and security.

“Fjordwall” Acoustic panels, whether with real wood veneers or with a colorful surface of laminate or linoleum, are the perfect choice for the living room, bedroom, cozy corner – wherever you want to create a relaxed atmosphere.

Nook with oak acoustic panels. The warm, natural color embraces and invites a stress-free and tranquil environment.



Smoked Oak


Oak Felt Grey

Oak Grey

Oak Oiled

Walnut Oiled


Rustic Oak

Oak Black Oiled



  • 320 mm / 12.60 in
  • 600 mm / 23.62 in


  • 600 mm / 23.62 in
  • 1200 mm / 47.24 in
  • 2400 mm / 94.49 in
  • 2700 mm / 106.3 in
  • 3000 mm / 118.11 in
  • 3600 mm / 141.73 in

How to install acoustic panels